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Hiya! This wiki is pretty much dead at this point, I started it over a year ago when my story really was incomplete and the whole thing has pretty much changed since then so please don't pay this any pity. If you're still interested however, the new wiki is

So the basics are that I am currently a 15 year old individual who has devised a story called Lightning Crush, solely focusing on the horrific life of teenager Lana Michelle. Lana is a girl whose life is pretty simple first glance, yet as the story goes on I want to explore more horrible details about her life, including how and why her parents abandoned her. It starts with Lana discovering a locket which instead of being attached to a necklace is attached to a key chain. She and her best friend Lani find it and once she opens it she finds she turns into a superhero.

Lightning Crush focus's on 3 best friends, main characters Lani Luna Quartz, Lana Louise Michelle and Adam Louie Michael. As the story goes on, we gradually find out more about the BrooksField trio and everyone else in the Crush Universe.

This story is set sometime before the year 2000 in the fictional town of BrooksField. One day, someone figured out how to make super powers a reality, calling them The Crush Powers. The Crush Powers were lockets that were filled with Crush Formula, the key to the super powers, and once you open it the Crush Formula is released and you gain a power They apparently created 9 of them, each with various powers for certain things, for example, a power based on lightning. However, the creator mysteriously hid the Crush Powers throughout BrooksField, seemingly vanishing from the face of the earth.

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