Lana Michelle is the main antagonist of Lightning Crush, she has 2 friends called Lani Quartz and Adam Michael. Lana was abandoned as a child with her unnamed twin sister, later adopted by a couple who later abandoned her too, leaving them in the house alone as they were always on 'business trips'.

However, one night a villain by the name of Frozen Shock wreaked havoc on BrooksField, killing Liana in the process. This breaks Lana's heart, crushing any dream she had of trying to find her family as all they brought was pain.

Lana stands at 5"3 and has short blonde hair with blue eyes. She wears a light blue shirt and a light grey skirt with a white belt around her waist, somewhat resembling her superhero costume. She has short, ankle length boots which are also light grey and she wears a touch of blue eye shadow and light pink lip gloss.


Lani Luna Quartz and Adam Louie Michael

Lana met Lani when they were 7, instantly becoming the best of friends. They later met Adam.

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